Publications & Presentations

Publications and Publications in-progress:

Andreotti, V. D. O., Stein, S., Ahenakew, C., & Hunt, D. (2015). Mapping  interpretations of decolonization in the context of higher education.  Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society, 4(1), 21-40. Available at:

Stein, S. & Andreotti, V. D. O. (2015). Cash, competition, or charity: International students and the global imaginary. Higher Education. 1-15. i-First:

Pashby, K. and Andreotti, V. (in press). Ethical internationalisation in higher education: Interfaces with international development and sustainability. Submitted to Environmental Education Research as part of a special issue from ECER.

Andreotti, V., Stein, S., Pashby, K., Nicolson, M. (in press). Social Cartographies as performative devices in research on higher education. Higher Education Research and Development Journal.

Stein, S., Andreotti, V., Bruce, J, Susa, R. (in review). Global imaginaries and articulations of internationalization. Journal of Comparative and International Education.

2014. Pashby, K. and Haapakoski, J. (in progress). Implications for equity  and diversity of increasing international student numbers in European universities: a study of policies and practice in four national contexts. Submitted as part of a proposed book collection edited by Meeri Hellsten, Södertörn University entitled International Pedagogies in times of change.

ACU 'Beyond 2015' submission: Higher Education, Development and the Dominant Global Imaginary.

Invited talks:

Pashby, K. 2015. Ethical Internationalism in Higher Education Project: Overview of national and individual university strategy documents. Lunch Seminar given to Internationalisation Council. Södertörn University (Sweden), May 19.

Pashby, K. 2015.  Ethical Internationalisation in Higher Education:Implications for Educating  for Sustainable Development. (presented on behalf of co-author V. Andreotti). Higher Research Seminar. Orebro University (Sweden), May 18.

Pashby, K. 2015. Ethical Internationalisation in Higher Education: A strategic mapping of  university internationalisation policies across six national contexts. Keynote at Rethinking Internationalisation Seminar, Newcastle (UK), May 14.

Pashby, K. Global citizenship and the rush to internationalise: intersections of neoliberal, liberal, & critical rationales for higher education. Lecture for the AGORA for the Study of Social Justice and Equality in Education, University of Helsinki, May, 11.

Pashby, K. 2014. International Education in an Age of Global Citizenship Education: For Whom, By Whom? A comparative and strategic mapping of internationalization in higher education strategies. University of Helsinki, Agora for the study of social justice and equality education. Sept. 9.

Pashby, K. 2013. Ethical internationalism in higher education: dissent, intelligibility and solidarity. Rhizome Workshop: Bringing Critical Thinking into Life in the Academy. University of Helsinki. Oct. 25

Conference Presentations:
Pashby, K. 2015. Towards justice and ethics in internationalisation in higher education: An international comparative mapping of national strategies. Presented at AERA 2015 (given award for best paper proposal), April 19.

Hellsten, M.; Pashby, K; and Nicolson, M. 2015. Perspectives of teacher education students on global citizenship: implications for ethical internationalisation. Presented by M. Hellsten at the Nordic Education  Research Association conference in Gothenburg Sweden.

Pashby, K. 2014. Equity and diversity in internationalisation strategies across six countries: Foreclosures and possibilities for ethical internationalism. Comparative International Education Society of Canada regional conference, Vancouver, Dec. 5.

Pashby, K. 2014. Ethical Implications of Internationalisation in Higher Education: Contributions from an International Comparative Project. Presented on behalf of co-author Jani Haapakoski at Embarking on Nordic partnerships for international pedagogy in higher education working symposium. Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. Oct 17.

Pashby, K. 2014. Which Internationalization? Global Ethics in Higher Education. With V. Andreotti. Part of an international panel: Meta-Narratives, Trajectories & Practices in the Academic Field Tracing “Internationalization” and “Interdisciplinarity”. Presented on behalf of co-author V. Andreotti. European Conference of Educational Research (ECER), Porto, Portugal. Sept. 5.

 Pashby, K. 2014. The past, present, and future of ethical Internationalisation in higher education: a comparative study of the role of universities. Presented on behalf of co-authors V. Andreotti & M. Nicolson. ECER, Porto, Portugal. Sept. 3.

Pashby, K. 2014. Engaging with sustainability in internationalism: ethics as intelligibility, dissent,and solidarity in higher education as part of an international panel on ethical issues and challenges within environmental and sustainability education research. Presented on behalf of co-authors V. Andreotti & N. Widell. ECER, Porto, Portugal. Sept. 2.

Pashby, K. An International comparative project looking at ethical internationalism in higher education: What’s unique about Finland? Presented on behalf of co-author V. Andreotti. Conference: Higher education in turmoil – how should we prepare for internationalization in the future? Turku, Finland. June 4.

 Pashby, K. 2014. Critically Informed and Multi-voiced Scholarship and Teaching: Supporting international students from the pivot point. Presented at Canadian Society for Study of Education (CSSE) post-conference, WERA Global Ethics International Research Network Symposium Intellectual Autonomy and Social/Global Accountability in Higher Education in Times of Crises: International Lessons, May 29.

Andreotti, V.; Pashby, K.; and Nicolson, M. 2014. Ethics, resistance and dissent: An international comparative study of internationalisation policies in higher education in a time of global crises. CSSE, Brock University Saint Catharines, ON, May 28.

K. Pashby. Global trends, global transformations, and global ethics: A  comparative international study of internationalization processes in higher  education. Presented on behalf of co-authors V. Andreotti & M. Nicolson. Society for Research in Higher Education, Newport, Wales. Dec. 13. 2013.

K. Pashby. Conceptualizing ethical internationalism in higher education: Comparing  discourses of global citizenship in different national contexts. Society for  Research in Higher Education New Researchers Conference, Newport, Wales. Dec. 10.


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